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Adding a Centre Stand to my V7-850 Centenario

I bought this V7 second-hand last year to replace my Breva 1100. The Breva was starting to feel too big but the V7 is just right. I ordered the OEM centre-stand from the Moto Guzzi Online Shop in Germany, unable to find one in stock locally. I’d ordered my windscreen from them last year and found them very efficient. The stand took longer to arrive but there weren’t any hassles.

The stand comes with instructions which were quite clear and unambiguous. I also searched the web and found these helpful photos and hints by danketchpel on the Guzzitech forum.

First job was to fit the springs. Even with a spring puller this was a bit of a task. I clamped the stand in the vice and, with the spring puller and some extra leverage from a pair of pliers, they eventually were in place.

I found that I had to remove both mufflers for ease of access. Also I had to rotate the RHS heatshield to fit one of the stand’s bolts. Judicious use of a crowbar was needed to remove the cross-frame piece and to insert the stand’s replacement. A bit of juggling and cursing saw it all fit in – not something I’d want to do without the table lift.

Took me several hours without rushing.

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