Breva 1100 Service

Drpped the Breva 1100 into Brad the Bike Boy for its 10,000km service.  A couple of things cropped up:

  • it was a bit low on oil. I’d been checking the oil against the top mark on the dispstick when fully screwed in.  Wrong.  Check it when inserted but not screwed in.  The 3.6l of oil he added comes to the top mark when not srewed in.  Quite a difference.
  • The outside-rear CARC drive-to-swingarm screws were slightly loose.
  • Slight movement in the rear wheel bearing.  This needs a warrantly investigation by an authorised dealership.
  • Replaced the original Metzlers with Michelin Pilot Road 2s.  The Metzlers had some life left in them, I reckon, but I’d noticed a tendency for the bike to drop into corners at low speed.  Desappeared with the new tyres.
  • Some slight pulsing of the front brakes at low speed.  I hadn’t noticed this.
The rear bearing was an issue on early Breva’s but mine is outside the recall range.  I’ll get it checked.

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