NW Victoria fang

Completed a fang through northern Victoria on the ever-reliable California Metal and Jane on her Ducati GT1000. Green crops everywhere, rivers and creeks running, sunny and 24C, no wollopers. Stayed at Charleton, then a big loop through Wycheproof, Swan Hill, Kerang, Barmah, Pyramid Hill, Boort, and back to Charleton. Nearly 1000km in 2 days.  Beats workin’ for a living!

In Charleton we stayed at Bennett’s Bed and Breakfast which is located in the Vale of Avoca, a restored two-storey hotel.  Highly recommended.

Limped home!  The rear left Ikon shock was leaking and the Duke sprang a leak in the slave cylinder of the hydraulic clutch, making gear changes difficult.  Topped the clutch reservoir up and mosied home.    Well, the Cali does have 64,000km on it but the Ikon has only about 40,000km.  But both bikes running like dreams otherwise!

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