Breva’s back home!

Finally got the Breva 1100 back home!  It’s been about 6 weeks.  The bearing in the rear drive has been replaced by Eurobrit.  There were no bearings in the country (!)  so Eurobrit had to source their own.  I suspect they used a BMW bearing and seal.  The Moto Guzzi importers, John Sample Group, were great – no argument about whether to replace the bearing or not.  I wanted heated grips fitted, too, but there were none of those in the country either, and Moto Guzzi in Italy couldn’t say when there would be!  Welcome to the joys of Italian motorcycling.

I couldn’;t pick the bike up due to work contstraints so used Motorcycle Transport and Logistics to pick the bike up and deliver it home.  I’ve used them before and they’re quick and efficient.



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