Bright fang

Spun the Breva 1100 and Ducati GT1000 up to Bright for the weekend.  Out through Yea to Mansfield for morning tea and fuel.  Then over the range to Whitfield.  This is a great road:  a long straight out of Mansfield with the hills looming closer and closer (past the turn-off to Stringybark Creek where the Kelly gang murdered three policemen) then up the escarpment in a series of sharp turns before running across the top of the range, past Powers Lookout (Power was Ned Kelly’s mentor) and then spiralling down the other side to Whitfield.

The road was very good condition but there was the occasional rock fall, dead ‘roo or wombat, spray of loose stones and oncoming 4WD to keep us honest.  Not to mention the opposite direction Honda Blackbird which over cooked his corner and came around the bend on the white line.  At one point, where the power lines come marching across from the distant ridges,  the road runs right along the cliff face in a series of tight turns – and there’s no safety rail!

From Whitfield, it’s a fast run up the picturesque King Valley through Edi and Moyhu before the valley broadens at Milawa and the ride becomes more boring.  But after Markwood the road becomes a series of fast sweepers that lead you to Myrtleford, past Mt Buffalo, into Bright.

Bright, along with Port Fairy, is our favourite town in Victoria.  We took a cabin for the night, had fish and chips and a few beers at the pub/brewery.

The next day we fanged home, retracing our route – it’s such a top ride.

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