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Majorca – no, the lesser known one.

Fired up the Cali for a longish run out through the area between Maryborough and Castlemaine.  Dropped into one of my favourites for a coffee – the Dig at Newstead.  Headed west and turned off for the Tullaroop Reservoir.  Water was pouring over the spillway after the recent heavy rain we’ve had.  Then proceeded to the ghost town of Majorca;

Once there were 15, 000 miners here. Now old, abandoned buildings line the main street.  Either side of the road, as you pass through the area, the paddocks show evidence of old mines and tailings.

Motored on past Talbot and into Clunes, then the backway through Smeaton to Daylesford.

It snowed through the Daylesford,-Trentham area a few days ago but it was all gone now.  Stopped at Glenlyon for another coffee before cruising on back home.

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Run to Eppalock

Some afternoon sunshine so took a run up to Lake Eppalock via Tooborac and Heathcote.

Running down tin-tops like dogs:

Into the curves between Lancefield and Tooborac:

Wattles coming into bloom signal the end of winter:

Over the dam wall at lake Eppalock:

The roundabout near Redesdale – in the middle of nowhere:

Approaching the curves near Kyneton:

Crankin’ her over:

Final blast for home:

The welcome home committee:

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Winter fang

Went for a fang with Jane (Ducati GT1000)and Heidi (Triumph 600) in winter sunshine.



Jane movin’ it along…

Out past Kyneton aerodrome:


..and towards Malmsbury…

Up the hill to Werona…


Turning towards Blampied…




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