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Playing with my new Drift camera

Mounted the camera on the clutch fluid reservoir and went for a fang.  No wind noise but a bit of clattering, so I’ll have to adjust the mount.  Took a series of stills, too:

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I’ve been to Paradise…

I’ve always liked looking at maps; that “searching for that rainbow’s end, waiting ’round the bend” feeling.  Previously I’d spied a road, on the western side of the St Arnaud Range, that had been a touch too far to reach before and decided to do it.  According to Wikipedia, St Arnaud is named after French marshal Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud, commander-in-chief of the army of the East and one of quite a number of towns, streets and localities in the area named after people and places of the Crimean War.

I covered some early distance by sticking to the freeway before turning off to Newbridge and St Arnaud.  Here I joined a 30km throng of vintage and veteran bikes out for a club run – Harleys, Indians, Enfields, BSAs, Triumphs, and so on.  Lovely sounds and smells before they turned off for Dunolly and I had the road to myself.  Fueled up at St Arnaud and had an excellent “muggachino” at the bakery, just up from the roundabout.

Bakery, St Arnaud.

Coffee in St Arnaud

Headed out on the Wimmera Highway before taking a left turn to run down the range.

This is a very pleasant tree-lined road as it curves along the range.  The countryside was at its best – green and plenty of sheep, yum yum.  Here I came across Paradise:

Paradise, Victoria.


I turned at Navarre and this provided an excellent run over the range through evocatively named places such as Frenchmans and Black Mares Lane.  The countryside reminded me of the times I’d walked the hills with my .22, bunny bustin’.  A few turns, and I cut across to Natte Wollock (“small plain, big water”) and Bealiba. These were roads with sweepers, good surfaces and no traffic, so I let the pony have her head – if you know what I mean – the rev limiter light flashing furiously at me a couple of times.  Nice!

Had another brew at Dunolly

Coffee scroll and capuchino at Dunolly.

before heading for home on well-known roads to feed the menagerie.  450 kays in 5 1/2  hours.

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Run to Chinaman’s Bend

Another short run due to the friggin’ cold temperatures again.  Started off at 5C and never got above 9C!  Ran out through Kyneton to Redesdale, up to and over the Lake Eppalock dam wall, and then a lefty at Knowsley onto the Northern Highway.  Short leg and turned off for the Heathcote drag strip and on to Toolleen – not much there but a pub.

Climbed the Colbinabbin Range and pulled over at Chinaman’s Bend for a few pics.  Syd Soff lost control of his horse and cart here during the gold rush; both plunged to their deaths.  A few others have died here over the years, too.

Chinaman’s Bend looking east over vineyards towards Colbinabbin.

Dropped into Heathcote Winery for a coffee.  Unfortunately they’ve closed the restaurant.  This was a pleasant place to spend an afternoon; it still has the best coffee in the town.

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Friggin cold

Hadn’t ridden for a fortnight due to the cold; coldest I remember here in 33 years.  It was 8C when I set off and struggled to 10C a few hours later.

Blueberry muffin and a “muggachino” for a break.

In the boonies between Newstead and Blampied.

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