Weekender to Warrnambool

We needed a long run on the bikes, so a run to Warrnambool was on the cards – just the right distance for an overnighter.  Set forth and took the lovely road through Dean to Ballarat where we stopped for a coffee.  Temperature was rising into the 30s and Ballarat is such a pigs arse to get through.  Then down to Rokewood to visit Wilbur, who was lying in the shade and declining to accept visitors.

Onto Cressy and Camperdown, for a cold drink and lunch, before tracking through Cobden to Port Campbell.  This road is quite bad – the surface is OK but there’s been a lot of sink-age, a legacy of the drought followed by heavy rain, perhaps.  Had a drink overlooking the beach then fanged into Warrnambool.

Port Campbell

Logan's Beach, Warrnambool.

Arrived at Warrnambool about 5pm to find that the whole town was booked out due to several sporting events, a 3-day speedway event and a major conference on breast feeding!   But one of the motel receptionists knew someone who ran an occasional B&B and pretty soon we had a bed for the night.  Had tea at the pub and a wander around, before returning to the B&B and watching “Chocalat” which we hadn’t seen before.  Julliette Binoche is a bit of orright.

Sunday dawned hot, so we didn’t explore any backroads, just headed home with the occasional stop for fuel and drinks,  and lunch in Ballarat.   It was hot.

Too hot.

I wandered over the road to view the recently erected statue of one of Ballarat’s favourite sons, Major General “Pompey” Elliot.

Pompey Elliot

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