50,000km service (cont.)

Drop the oil and filter.

The foil keeps the oil off the wheel.

Rear drive, gear box and sump all draining at once. I still manage to spill gear box oil, though.

Penrite for the gear box and rear drive. I change them every 10,000km, not every 20,000km.

Usually I use Penrite 15w-60 but the garage was out of it. This 15w-50 Diesel is used in a lot of bikes. Guzzis need an oil with a high zinc level to protect their tappets. I change the oil every 5000km, not every 10,000km.

Diving in to change the inner plugs. The right hand one was particularly difficult. I damaged the cap getting the lead off and had to go into Melbourne to buy a new one from A1 Ringwood, the Guzzi dealer.

The lift makes working on the bike much easier. I had to adjust the tappets and change the outer plugs, too.
The after-market exhaust needed adjusting because the O2 sensor was rubbing on the frame. It’s a pain trying to do it on my knees!

After I zipped her all up, I gave all the battery leads a clean with bicarb of soda and some sand paper.  She started straight up and – bonus – no screws or nuts left over!

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