2014 Spaghetti Rally

Spent last weekend at Edi for the Moto Guzzi Club’s annual Spaghetti Rally.  Rolled up on Friday to help set up, but most of the work had already been done by a few of the club stalwarts.  We were expecting a big turnout due to the great weather, but in the end, the crowd of 170 or so was about normal.

2014-10-22 09.34.49

My ’01 Cali Metal loaded up.

2014-10-24 10.04.38

Coffee at the Snow Road Cafe, Milawa.

2014-10-22 12.55.27

A coldie at the Whitty Cafe, Whitfield.

2014-10-24 11.32.12

Setting up camp on Friday.

2014-10-24 11.46.11

View from the throne.

2014-10-24 19.22.44

Dinner at the Mountain View Hotel, Whitfield, on Friday night.

2014-10-25 16.22.27

A couple of twins.

2014-10-25 18.25.48

The queue for spaghetti, Saturday evening.

2014-10-25 19.14.25

ZZ Top caterers.

2014-10-25 19.19.56

The club made up the sauce during a “Bol-a-thon” a few weeks earlier.












2014-10-26 10.18.41

About to head off after packing up the club gear and a general site clean-up.











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  1. Fantastic Video Mackers, filled in the gaps in my memory 🙂 excellent fun really captured the spirit et.al. real well

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