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Breva fork oil change

The fork oil should be replaced every two years, so I was a year overdue.  Fortunately the Breva 1100 forks are quite simple to work on.  After a bit of a struggle getting them out – I had to use a screwdriver to lever open the handlebar pinch clamps – the old fork oil poured out as clean as a whistle.

Washed out the sliders with kerosene, let them drain, then poured in 450ml of the new Penrite Fork Oil 10.


Reassembled the front end.  A couple of hours’ work.  Test run tomorrow.




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Another Bungendore run

When test riding my Breva 1100, Peter was unhappy with the clutch action when starting off from stationary.  There had been a recall of these early Brevas to insert a kit of washers to soak up the stress on the gearbox.  Apparently mine had missed out.  Pete needed to do some research, and a week later he rang to say he had the recall kit.  So I hit the road, again in cold conditions.

The gearbox had to come out and Mike said it was just easier to remove the whole engine.

gearbox collage

A few hours of work and the gearbox was on the bench.  Peter and Michael split the box, it was placed in the press, and five minutes later the kit was installed.  The box was then reassembled, after some fiddling with the pawl mechanism.

split box collage

In the meantime the new oil pressure sensor was installed, and the re-welded Hepco-Becker crash guards.  The clutch was in perfect condition.  Michael reassembled the bike.

A test run revealed a problem.  The idle revs were about 2400 instead of 1100 and further inspection showed that the headlight and battery charging was intermittent.  After some investigation, a 30 amp fuse blew.  Upon replacing the fuse, the bike ran like new!

Pete surmised that this had been a long-standing problem – a fuse with a fine, hairline crack – which had been causing me starting and battery issues for some years.  Disassembling the bike had brought it to the fore.  (Someone else on the Gussitech forum had had similar symptoms and it was caused by a dirty 30 amp fuse holder).

I didn’t mind spending the time and money on my 11 year-old Guzzi.  There’s no other bike on the market to replace it – it’s a big, comfortable, capable tourer – and none of the current Moto Guzzi offerings interest me.  I’ve spent nothing on her except for consumables, so she’s been a cheap bike to own.


All set for another decade.


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