Breva fork oil change

The fork oil should be replaced every two years, so I was a year overdue.  Fortunately the Breva 1100 forks are quite simple to work on.  After a bit of a struggle getting them out – I had to use a screwdriver to lever open the handlebar pinch clamps – the old fork oil poured out as clean as a whistle.

Washed out the sliders with kerosene, let them drain, then poured in 450ml of the new Penrite Fork Oil 10.


Reassembled the front end.  A couple of hours’ work.  Test run tomorrow.





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4 responses to “Breva fork oil change

  1. Larry & Norma Blackmore

    Did you check the doofalicky? It’s very important to do that because they have a tendency to fatigue. Just saying 😀

  2. Alan

    Good on you for posting this work description . It’s clear and gives me the confidence to have a go myself. Interesting to hear how the 10 w fork oil went . I think guzzi says 5 w. But a little bit of firming up in the front end won’t go astray 👍😎 cheers Alan

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