New Tyres for the Cali EV

With 46,000 kays on the clock, the EV’s tyres have come up for renewal, with the rear tyre showing the cross-bars.  The front was OK, although some scalloping was evident –  a problem I’ve encountered before with Bridgestone BT45s on my Metal Stone and Jane’s Breva 750.

But I like them, so I ordered another set from Alpine Motorcycles in Myrtleford.  I didn’t know how old the tyres were so I replaced both.

Firstly, I had to remove the wheels.  The rear needs to be jacked up so that the rear wheel clears the mudguard; it has to lift quite a lot but I had a scissor jack with two supports which could lift at the swingarm.  Then it was lowered so that the front could be jacked up a tad, too, to pull the front wheel out.




I took it slowly and methodically so that I didn’t knock the bike over.

Before I replaced the wheels, I gave the girl a bit of a spruce up, getting into places I normally couldn’t:  checked up under her skirts at the rear of the gearbox and swingarm.  I gave the rims a polish with a metal polish.  There’s some flaking chrome which is a known “feature” of these EV tubeless rims.


All set for another run.

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