Run to Barnawartha

I’m a volunteer with, helping family researchers with photos of their ancestors’ graves and headstones.  I had a request to find a grave at Barnawartha Cemetery, so I kicked the Cali EV in the starter and headed off in sunshine via Beechworth.

Beechworth is up on a plateau; as I climbed the temperature dropped and the sky became gloomy and depressing.  But as I descended down the other side, the sky cleared into sunshine.  Don’t know how people live there!

I turned off onto the road to Barnawartha which was a pleasant meandering run down the valley and across the Hume Freeway into the old town.  The cemetery is big in area but the graves are in localised areas of religious denominations; they apparently expected the town to get much bigger.


The chap I was looking for was named “Baumgarten” who had immigrated from Germany and died in 1877.  Alas, although I found some descendants, his grave – as were many – was unmarked and had returned to the landscape.  Others were marked but without names.  One of his relatives was gaoled for receiving stolen horses from the Kelly brothers who lived in nearby Greta.

I slabbed it down the Hume Freeway for a smooth run to Wangaratta then home.


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